Snowflake is an ultimate Content management System design for news on your website and uses mysql database. Manage flakes and have them shared by your viewers, You can also customise your output to better suit the theme of your website by including the generated output on one of your site pages. Snowflakes is able to generate php code or javascript code to post your flakes on.
You can view snowflake by clicking the view button at the top right hand side of a snowflake. On the view page you can Edit or delete snowflake by using the Edit or delete button on the top right hand corner of the view page. you can add snowflake by clicking Add New flake button on the Side menu. you can view all snowflakes and you can also go back to the home page to view the 3 most recent snowflakes you have made.

Snowflakes Downloads

Cacoinstaller Download

Download & instructions

By downloading the application(s) below, you accept the "Terms and Conditions of Use" on this Web site.

Download Snowflakes and unzip it to your public_html or htdocs folder or anywhere on your web server.

Navigate to your site e.g to start Snowflakes.


Apache ver. 2.*, PHP version 5.* and MySQL ver. 5.*


Set up Snowflakes by Keying in your:

Mysql Host name, provided by your Hosting service provider.

Database Username: Username used to log in to MySQL Database.

Database Password: Password used to log in to MySQL Database.

Database Name: Snowflakes will create a new database on your behalf but this can also be an existing database on your server, make sure the database name has no spaces, if you want to portray a space as per your coding preference use underscore (_) as space.

Administrator Username: Create a new username for logging in to Snowflakes.

Administrator email: Enter an email address for password revovery and verification purposes to log into Snowflakes.

Administrator Password: Create administrator password for verification every time you log in.

Snowflakes Downloads

Snowflakes V2.0.1

Snowflakes V2.0.1 04/06/2014. Visit Cyrilinc GitHub page for the latest release notes and change logs

Snowflakes V1.03

Snowflakes V1.03 20/03/2013.

Snowflakes V1.02

Snowflakes V1.02 15/03/2013.

Snowflakes V1.01

Snowflakes V1.01 11/02/2013.

Snowflakes V1.0

Snowflakes V1.0 14/01/2013.

Snowflakes Change Log

Add gallery to Snowflake instead of a single image and option between the two. New Code generation for snowflakes and snowflakes gallery - Snowflakes V1.03 20/03/2013.

Gallery introduction, User Password sending, Share Gallery, Display Snowflakes, Events and Gallery in your own page with fully customisable CSS file which can be copied and pasted on your custom page, Code generator improvement, and snowflakes share on twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Diggs, Stumbleupon and Delicious. Snowflakes Restructuring, output Gallery view, Image Thumbnail editing, Improved Snowflakes Settings and many more features you should discover yourself by using snowflakes - Snowflakes V1.02 15/03/2013.

User Level Access to different part of the CMS, Custom Snowflakes Dashboard welcome message - Snowflakes V1.01 11/02/2013.

Track Users that created posts, Encryption for user authentication, Mail user upon forgetting password (55% complete)- Snowflakes V1.0 10/02/2013.

Fixed Output code for events, Introduce ColorBox plugin for images from Here- Snowflakes V1.0 02/02/2013.

Fixed Code Generator, Snowflakes events introdution, improved Snowflakes look, fixed slow image loading - Snowflakes V1.0 01/02/2013.

Created mobile compactibility for mobile users & browsers - Snowflakes V1.0 17/01/2013.

Change delete confirmation of a snowflake - Snowflakes V1.0 15/01/2013.

Snowflakes V1.0 release 14/01/2013.



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