This project is based on the idea that a new collision detection and response system can be part of the cacophonia project and can also stand alone as an external library for those using the same programming tools as the cacophonia project, hence the title for this project can simple be put as "The design, development and integration of a collision detection and response system "Caco-physics", to a music strategy Game "Cacophonia"." Collision detection and response systems are used in many applications from simple physics simulation to advanced gaming and natural world simulation. this projects uses Physics principles to simulate collision detection and the response system.


A collision detection & response system
About Caco-Physics

The name Caco-physics that encompasses the design, development and integration of a collision detection and response system to a music strategy game, was obtained from the music strategy game....

Physics V & S quantities as implemented

According to numerous definitions of mechanics, mechanics is a branch of physics and the study of forces or system of forces on bodies or fluids that are both at rest or in motion, however engineering mechanics ....

Dynamics & Mechanics of a body as implemented

Dynamics of a body includes kinematics which is the study of the geometrics of motion and is used to related displacement and all related factors such as velocity...

Time integration of Motion Algorithms

Collision detection is fundamental to many applications, including computer games, physical simulations, robotics and virtual prototyping...

Some demo Appllication and Gallery
Caco-Physics Demo

This will showcase all the features of Caco-physics in video and image form as well as demo applications one can run on a platform.....

Download Caco-Physics with some demos
Caco-Physics Download

This is a collision detection and response system built as a stand alone library suitable for games and physics simulations and its feautures...



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