This project is based on the idea that a new collision detection and response system can be part of the cacophonia project and can also stand alone as an external library for those using the same programming tools as the cacophonia project. hense the title for this project can simple be put as "The design, development and integration of a collision detection and response system "Caco-physics", to a music strategy Game "Cacophonia"." Collision detection and response systems are used in many applications from simple physics simulation to advanced gaming and natural world simulation. this projects uses Physics principles to simulate collision detection and the response system.

Dynamics & Mechanics in Caco-Physics


Dynamics of a body includes kinematics which is the study of the geometrics of motion and is used to related displacement and all related factors such as velocity, time and acceleration without mentioning the cause of the motion itself, and kinetics which is the study of the mass of a body in relation with the forces acting on that body coupled with the motion of the body.

Newton was a philosopher of mechanics and invented three laws of motion, currently known as newton's laws of motion. The three laws of motion will form the basis to which this Caco-Physics is designed.

In a collision detection system, Mass properties are crucial seeing as how most collision detection and response system involves mechanics. Where the linear and angular motion and a body's response to a given force are functions of mass properties. Therefore to accurately model a body in motion one must include mass properties. Mass can also be used to measure a body's change and resistance to motion. Mass refers to how much material is in a body coupled with the density of the material, however weight is mass coupled with gravitational force or acceleration due to gravity.

The Design takes into accoount the mass,Moment of inertia , weight, position, rotation, velocity, acceleration, energy and Forces or Forece Fields. The Force Fields in Caco-Physics are Gravitational Force Fields for simulation of any Gravity value as defined in the system or custom vales of gravity , Frictional Force Fields, Buoyancy Force Fields suitable for simulation objects on water, Spring force field which range from ordinary spring, stiff spring and anchored spring, Drag Force Field, Aerodynamic Force Field, Bungee Force Field coupled with many other factors of mechanics and dynamics of Caco-Physics.  



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