Welcome to Cacophonia page. Here we have information about this project. Cacophonia is a 3D Music Strategy Game, which teaches the user how to Play Piano and at the same time entertains as a Game. This game made it possible to start the cacophonia project so as to implement & integrate each of the innovation in the cacophonia project to this game. The Game specification depends on the storyline of the game which involves overcoming obstacles by playing the right note on a Piano to advance in the levels in the game. The aims of this project is to develop a Musical game. This musical game will have several stages and levels of game play. It is played using a musical keyboard. This musical keyboard is connected, to either the game console or the Computer being used to play the game. In Cacophonia one defeats obstacles by correctly playing notes.

Cacophonia Story Line

About Caco*Asteroids

A very Long time ago.......In the earth before this earth, it was predicted that the earth will brake into pieces, and the cracks in the earth crust will cause more damage than any natural disaster could ever cause, and in the process destroying the earth. But it will take a million years for a new earth to form itself from the particles that were left behind by the destruction.

The people in the old earth were very advanced in Science & technology but there were not enough resources to build space shuttles to transport 2 billion people from the earth. Scientist from all over the earth came together and created synthetic form of earth with all the properties of the earth. The people from all over the world united under one nation and the synthetic earth name was called the Land of Cacophonia.

The natural disaster however happened earlier than predicted therefore only 10 million people mostly mothers and children were on board the synthetic earth, others including the scientists who know how the synthetic earth works perish with the earth. The people on the synthetic earth were left with soo many manuals on how to operate the new earth. The Manuals dealt with all branches of science and technology.

A million years past and the manual and traditions of the old earth was lost through time. The people on the land of Cacophonia started mutating as a result of the food being produced by the synthetic earth. Soon after the Leaders of the lands, set out to look for a solution to the problem by searching for the manuals the scientist wrote a million years ago. A hundred years later a young engineer found a manual in a Locker with a timer which had run out by a 100 years after counting down to a million years. The young engineer soon realised all that had happened, so he took the Manual to the leaders of the lands and told them all he had learned.

The Leaders then sent him on a quest reach the end of the synthetic earth to find and operate the device that will take the people of Cacophonia back to earth. After 5 years of searching, he finally found the device Known as the Piano. The piano was designed to bring about melodious and Harmonious sounds that could unlock the Secrets of the Land of Cacophonia. This piano was to be connected to the power room of the synthetic earth and a number of task will be performed by the Player before the people of Cacophonia could get back to the earth they once lived.The Piano is used to play specified sequences and complete tasks after which the Synthetic earth transforms into a Space ship and set the course for the new earth. But first the young engineer must Play his way through the lands as he faces dangerous mutants who will Stop him at different regions of the lands and challenge him to a piano playing competition before he could pass to the next region.

Will the Young engineer Be the Hero of the Land of CacoPhonia? Or will he fail in his Quest to save the people in the Land of Cacophonia. This Is Just The Beginning...



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