Welcome to Cacophonia page. Here we have information about this project. Cacophonia is a 3D Music Strategy Game, which teaches the user how to Play Piano and at the same time entertains as a Game. This game made it possible to start the cacophonia project so as to implement & integrate each of the innovation in the cacophonia project to this game. The Game specification depends on the storyline of the game which involves overcoming obstacles by playing the right note on a Piano to advance in the levels in the game. The aims of this project is to develop a Musical game. This musical game will have several stages and levels of game play. It is played using a musical keyboard. This musical keyboard is connected, to either the game console or the Computer being used to play the game. In Cacophonia one defeats obstacles by correctly playing notes.

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Java JDK 1.4 Upwards. Can be downladed from oracle website here

Usage: Start the Application by running the Jar file

Note: Cacophonia is still in the testing stage for most platforms except Mac OSX. However the design is guaranteed to work on most systems.


download LV

Cacophonia The Genesis Lesson Version

Installation Instructions

Mac Os X, Windows and Linux Installation



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