CacoInstaller is an installer that will install the most stable version of JOGL on your system, Be it Version 1.0 or variations of version 2 in its beta stage. There are almost no easy JOGL installers out there as one has to install the JOGL library and native binaries for different platform by one's self. This solves the problem of manually copying files all over the Java runtime environment to get JOGL to work. Cacoinstaller also installs the JOAL v1.1.2 library for different platforms but is not fully Tested yet for JOGL/JOAL labeled as 2.0 beta 10 in this application. As JOAL is only implemented for Windows i586, Mac OS X pcc, Mac OS X - universal and linux 1586 architecture. CacoInstaller is part of the Cacophonia Project and has been extracted and deployed as a separate application to serve other needs such as the sole purpose of installing and uninstalling JOGL Library files and also testing to see if the JOGL Library has been installed properly.

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