Collision detection is fundamental to many applications, including computer games, physical simulations, robotics and virtual prototyping. In computer games, collision detection ensures that the illusion of a solid world is maintained. Without collision detection, characters could go through walls and other obstacles. Collision detection involves algorithms checking for intersection of two given objects. Simulating what happens once a collision is detected is sometimes referred to as "collision response". In its basic development the collision detection and resolution algorithm supports circular shapes and handle an arbitrary number objects at the same time using a Quad tree.


A 2D Collision Detection system
About Caco-Physics

The aim of the "Caco*Asteroid" project is to design and implement a 2D rigid body collision detection and response algorithm. Collisions are handled sequentially and resolved using physical laws of motion....

Math Theories of Caco*Asteroid

Entities in this case are referred to 2d objects in a particular space. Before simulating the physics of an entity, one must implement vector math for entity and vector calculus to which the fundamentals of ....

Physics Theories in Caco*Asteroid

Vectors are used for representing coordinates in space. The position of a 2D vector can be represented by 2 coordinate values in space. In 3D, vectors are represented by 3 coordinate values in space and 4D has ....

Algorithms used for implementation

The project is implemented in object-oriented C++ using the principles of polymorphism and inheritance and making use of the various parts discussed in the lectures and tutorials. OpenGL is used as...

Some demo Appllication and Gallery
Caco-Physics Demo

Video and photo Gallery that showcases Caco*Asteroids features and functionality on our youTube channel .....

Download Caco*Asteroidss with some demos
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This is a 2d collision detection built as a stand alone library suitable for games and physics simulations and its feautures...



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