Software Design

Software tools and systems are sometimes reusable, not as much as hardware designs, because there is no common standards for writing an image processing software as opposed to Developing an image capturing hardware, making it very hard to get software custom made for your needs. We design and develop software tools & systems from the drawing table as per your specifications. We provide services from developing software system tools to large software systems, to testing & deployment of already designed softwares. We also provide documentation for softwares designed by us, or documentation for already designed software and this will involve additional testing. We also specialise in software design, development & testing for mobile platforms such as Android, Symbian, windows Mobile, Iphone os, Palm os, Blackberry RIM, Web Os and so on.

Software Design, Development, Deployment & Testing Services

If your are looking to develop an application, or redesign, redevelop an existing Our Software Design and Development and Testing Process begins from Understanding Specification of your Software.

At Cyril Inc We develop Generic applications according to your specification on different platforms of desktop, server platforms, tablets and mobile applications and Technology.

We can design and develop any tool for anything and everything you want, according to how you want it and We make it easy for you to understand how your tool or application works.

Our software design and development are Thus:

arrow System Architecture - As part of the design stage we build & design a system architecture that will best describe how your software will function given your specification for the software design.
arrow Mobile Application development - We develop mobile applications on multiple mobile platforms, from games to generic software systems such as a specialised calculator to a advanced application that show cases company products.
arrow Software Testing and Deployment - We also provide services to test a custom made software, using several testing techniques and provide documentation as to what function works correctly and what one needs to be improved or fixed.
arrow Software Project Planning & Management - as part of our software development service we help plan and manage your software from design stage to implementation and deployment stage while keeping you informed of our progress & completion rate every step of the way.
arrow PC/Server Software Design - we design software according to your specifications for desktop operating systems to servers.
arrow Database Design and Management - SQL Server and Microsoft Access, MySQL.
arrow Software Project approaches & project evaluation - we evaluate software projects as per its feasibility measuring against the approaches to be taken to give a percentage of likely success and /or failure of the project & Advice yo accordingly
arrow Some of our Processes Involves - Software Quality Assurance (SQA) & Management, Software Quality Control, Total Quality Management (TQM), Software Configuration Management (SCM), Risk Management, Project Estimation & Project Management and Control.
arrow Communication protocols & Embedded Device Drivers - including Serial, USB, TCP/IP and UDP for custom made Hardwares. Platform Device Drivers, for embedded systems and custom made hardware.
arrow Firmware Development & Embedded Development - we develop firmware for embedded hardware from routers to remote controls to home water management systems. ED for 8, 16 & 32 bit micro based systems using either off-the-shelf or bespoke real time operating systems and applications.
arrow User application software & Operating Systems Configuration - to configure and control electronic hardware and existing software systems. OS configuration in DOS, Windows 95/98/200/XP/Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux and most mobile operating system and server configurations.
arrow More of our services: - ranges from Sensor Processing Algorithms, User Interface Implementation, Systems Integration, Network based solutions, Ticketing Systems, Web based interfaces for PC-based and embedded devices, Languages and platforms used include Assembly, C, C++, C#, Visual C++ and .Net, Java & Objective C as per your request.



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