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For a successful web promotion strategy, Search Engine Optimisation and e-marketing is an essential tool, to keep track of your target audience. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - The cost effective tuning process that pushes your website right under the nose of your target audience. Content writing, link building campaigns and metadata optimisation all tell the search engines everything they need to know to send you high quality traffic to your website. Social Media Optimisation – Social media is increasingly used to source partners, suppliers and customers as well as establish and build an online reputation. Online PR - Web based press releases are the latest way of increasing brand awareness and promoting your website, products and service offerings to targeted audiences.

SEO & Marketing Services

We offer all these services, Whether you need help with specific areas or want someone to design and steer the whole strategy.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

This process involves websites being tuned up for Search engines so as to make your business website easy to find by your target audience. it is an essential ingredient to any successful website. In simple terms, SEO is the process of optimizing on-page content so that it is properly structured to be crawled and indexed by the search engines. Everyday, millions of people use search engines to find information on products and services. Even though search engines like Google gather up thousands of links for each keyword search, most people generally skim the first page of results, and only click on the first handful of links on that page. One may have the most wonderful, creative, informative website around, but without a top position in the search engine results Pages, your pages could go overlooked by potential customers. And without optimizing your website content, your pages could go overlooked by search engines, too. For these reason, it is essential to ensure that your site has every opportunity to be discovered by search engines and human browsers alike.

Our SEO process:

arrow Research – getting under the skin of the website and its market
arrow Optimise - using targeted keywords and long-tail phrases in the website content
arrow Build – establishing a network of high quality one way links
arrow Analyse – monitoring the Search Engine Optimisation strategy using SEO tools / SEO software
arrow Refine – acting on what the web analytics tell us about the strategy's effectiveness

We also provide Social Media Optimisation services – Social media is increasingly used to source partners, suppliers and customers as well as establish and build an online reputation.

More Services offered is Thus:

arrow Newsletter and Email Marketing – This is a great way to make your subscribers & Customers aware of the latest news on products and services you offer, from online vouchers to savings on specific products and so on.
arrow Press Release Submission – Online press releases are a fantastic way to share company news with a wide audience, gain inbound links back to your company website, and generate overall awareness about recent events involving your business.
arrow Google AdWords Setup and Maintenance – Google AdWords is Google's Pay-Per-Click program that allows advertisers to create ads and have them displayed on Google search engine result pages when corresponding keywords are entered by a user.
arrow Website Content Development – Content development is a term used to describe the research, organisation, drafting, editing and publishing of information on websites. This content ranges between straight-forward text to images, charts, audio files, video clips, and various other mediums.
arrow Blog Writing Services – We create web Blogging services using WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, etc.



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