Payment Policy


Payment should be made to the account information provided in the invoice with the Customer Id in combination to the invoice number as reference. so for example if the customer ID is 10023 and the Customer Invoice number is 23653 the payment should be made with the combination of both numbers as a reference in this case will be 1002323653. This will help us track your payment easily so as to deliver a product or service to you on time.


In order to begin a service in special cases a 30% deposit is required depending on the nature of the Job and a full payment will be payable to the account information provided in the invoice provided. Full payment however is preferred before a product or service we offer is delivered.

Example of Special Cases - Payment conditions: 30% initial Payment before work commences on website designs and 70% final payments to be made upon completion of the services rendered.


There are no extra charges or hidden charges for products and services. However if payment is not made 2 weeks from the date of an invoice a charge of £0.92 is Charged per day the payment is delayed. if precise payment date is discussed and agreed upon with us and scheduled for a date later than two weeks from the date of the invoice no charges will be incurred except if delayed further than the date agreed upon.



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