Hardware Design
Some Hardware systems are designed for special use, either as a development platform, end user platform or as a Prototype, after the design the hardware usually needs testing against the specification for the hardware system. if the Hardware system performs as designed then there will be no need for further testing, but if the hardware system fails the test, there is cause for re-engineering and re-testing of the hardware system. we provide services from design and innovation of hardware systems, to production, development and testing of already designed hardware system and prototyping of theoretical based designs, through verification processes, and analysis of the design. See how Cyril Inc can help you develop cutting-edge integrated solutions to your design challenges. We can design and develop any tool for anything and everything you want, according to how you want it and We make it easy for you to understand how your tool or application works.

Hardware Design, Development, Production & Testing Services

Hardware & Electronic Design enables products to interact with their environment. Sensors detect what's going on and actuators make things happen. Most of our designs include a micro-controller or microprocessor so that firmware can make the design smart. Our Hardware design, development and testing ranges from micro-computer systems to large computer systems. Micro-Computer systems such as mobile devices and Embedded system are designed and developed including board level,system level and FPGA level design.

Our Hardware design and development services are:

arrow Digital Circuit Design -
arrow Analog Circuit Design -
arrow Power System Design -
arrow PCB Layout Design - We design and develop your PCB to fit your specified case for both general and specialist use.
arrow Schematic Design & simulation - We design and re-engineer the schematics of your design Making it poortable.
arrow System Design - We Design innovative systems as per your requirements from micro computer systems to large systems .
arrow Hardware Reverse engineering - We reverse engineering already made hardware designs to replace obsolete designs, reduce cost improvments or added performance with new technology.
arrow Sensor Interface -
arrow Wireless Connectivity -
arrow System testing, Verification and testing Certification - Testing verification and certification for your design.
arrow Design Specification and Sourcing -
arrow Regulatory compliance, reliability analysis & testing -
arrow Power supply integration and design -
arrow Micro-controller and Microprocessor based design -
arrow PCB Design and Layout -
arrow CAD, Case Design and Manufacture -
arrow Ethernet, USB and Wireless Product Design -
arrow Prototyping and Testing -
arrow PCB Manufacturer and Assembly -
arrow Integration of Systems -
arrow Digital, Analogue, FPGA's and Programmable Logic Devices -
arrow Test and Development Boards & Modules -
arrow EMC Testing -



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