Design Consultacy
If you have a software or hardware idea that needs verification and design or even a hardware or software problem that needs to be solved, our design team can create your idea form start to completion . We also help improve, upgrade or update products or idea you already have to a more suitable and efficient technology for your Hardware or Software. We have technologies that we have created and developed from our intelligent street lighting system, which saves a lot of power and is green and energy efficient, water management system to softwares for these systems and the softwares listed on out Projects page.

Hardware & Software Design Consultancy

We provide consultancy solutions that draw from our experience in electronic and computer Systems as well as software systems. we offer a complete electronic systems and software design consultancy service. Whether you have a finalised specification or a raw concept we can help minimise your time to market.

If you do not require a complete solution we offer a range of specific services. We have access to a wide skills network so if you can't see the service you require please contact us:

arrow Project Planning. - we can help turn your idea into reality by helping the necessary planning stages from Feasibility study, Technology Survey to writing up a detailed functional specification for your design.
arrow Systems Development. - include consultancy in both hardware and software. We consult on system developments for both hardware and software system and turn your idea into a working theoretical design ready for development.
arrow Hardware Reverse engineering - We reverse engineering already made hardware designs to replace obsolete designs, reduce cost improvements or added performance with new technology.
arrow System testing, Verification and testing Certification - Testing verification and certification for your design if you already have a completed system that needs testing and verification for the hardware and/or software systems .
arrow Interfacing Electronic Hardware to Networks and Internet. - We can interface your design to networks and the internet, from basic network setup of your hardware devices to setting up a whole server network for your company function.
arrow Product Quality Assurance. - We also provide quality assurance for your product. it is measured usually after testing against your specification & modern technology out there.
arrow Product Consultancy. - if you already have a stable specification and you want to do more with your specification, such as hardware development, software development, PCB layout designs, acquire components, prototype design & testing, compliance testing, Volume manufacturing and product support.

Design Consultancy Pricing

Call Out
£ 150
--> Description
This is ideal if you have a hardware or software that needs to be accessed on site and for security reasons or otherwise cannot be taken out of the facility or company compounds, one of our consultants will visit the site to assess the hardware or software.
Hourly Rate
£ 40
--> Description
This is an hourly rate for any consultancy work once on site and the work has begun, either implementing a peice of software, configuring a network or testing a peice of hardware for repairs.



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